About us

Bytamic is a Nearshore services company providing IT-sourcing strategies and digital engineering-teams.

Our headquarters is in Austria, and we have two subsidiary companies in Poland.

The Bytamic Management has a long lasting and proven track-record in successful Nearshore-service delivery from Eastern Europe.

Our core-market from geographical perspective is the region DACH.

Our core client sectors are companies with a strong demand for software implementation services (e.g. software product companies, etc.).

Bytamic can demonstrate a proven track-record in delivering software-development-services from Eastern Europe.

What our clients say

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Wolfgang Weber

Wolfgang Weber

  • Career development in IT-Consulting and various leadership roles in international corporations
  • 20 years experience in the Professional Services industry
  • 15 years expertise in Distributed Delivery from Eastern Europe
  • Deep knowhow and track-record in Nearshore services
Jörg Sitzenfrey

Jörg Sitzenfrey

  • 20 years of professional experience
  • Board member as COO
  • 13 years of IT-consulting background
  • Multiple years of practical experiences in Eastern Europe
  • Strong leadership skills