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We are a Nearshore services company providing IT-sourcing strategies and digital engineering-teams. We have a long lasting and proven track-record in successful Nearshore-service delivery from Eastern Europe. Our core clients are companies with a strong demand for software implementation services.

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Why work with us

We are an experienced IT nearshoring services provider. We can demonstrate a very high client satisfaction and 20 years of experience in Nearshoring of the Bytamic Management team.

our longevity of cooperation

At Bytamic, we believe in longevity of cooperation and take a comprehensive approach to recruitment.

our rare skills

Our strength is the rare combination of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.

our interview process

Our in depth screening and interview process ensures that candidates match in both technical and soft skill requirements.

We do not only advise, but we implement the solutions

our great team spirit

The most important for us are people. That is why we care a lot about atmosphere in the teams and make sure that team members complement each other.

our recognition

We adapt candidate recognition program in such a way that the matching of employees in teams is very effective.

Trusted by Leading Brands

Engineers from Bytamic are characterized by their very high seniority and professionalism
Sebastian Krahe
Former Executive Vice President Group Operations at Crealogix AG

our services

We deeply understand the challenges of IT-Operations and we know how to tackle them

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Custom Software Development & Nearshore Services

At Bytamic we convert our customers' ideas into reliable and secure custom software with our full-cycle software development services. We have Architects, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Scrum Musters, Software Engineers, Quality Engineers and DevOps Engineers to implement and run software. We build Nearshore teams for our clients based on defined skill-requirements.


IT Consulting & Implementation

We understand IT-Operations and the needs of a modern and agile IT-organization.We provide Consulting in defining best-in-class IT-sourcing strategies.We „walk the talk“: We do not only advise, but we implement the solutions.


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