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Bytamic Academy is a program dedicated to people who want to start their adventure with IT and software development.

about bytamic academy

The Bytamic Academy is tailored to Young Professionals and also career-changers who want to develop their professional career in Information Technology. We are experts in this domain, and we have developed proven academy programs in the area of Software Development, Quality Assurance, IT-Support and IT-Analyst.

We prepare our students to work in a professional international development environment. We teach the necessary theory and provide a lot of practical classes that are necessary to be qualified for the job.

Our training program consists of three stages:
Frame 169 (8)

One month's training

Frame 169 (9)

six month internship

Frame 169 (10)

job as a junior

To complete the course the following is required:

what our graduates say


QA Engineer

“ The Bytamic Academy program allowed me to enter an industry that previously seemed to me to be quite hermetic and reserved only for post-graduate IT specialists and self-taught enthusiasts. That’s why I didn’t expect that, while still being a student of language studies, I would be given the opportunity to take part in a well-organized training course to become a Tester. What I liked about the training itself was the friendly atmosphere and the fact that I learned from it the right approach to testing. ”

“ I’m a chemist by training. I worked as a laboratory technician without the prospect of any promotion. I started thinking about what to do with my professional life. I wanted to be able to combine work with raising my 4-year-old daughter. Within a couple of training meetings I learned more about testing and IT projects than I expected. This is a fantastic place to find not only a wealth of substantive knowledge delivered in an accessible and logical way, but also, and even more importantly, support from all colleagues involved in the project.”


QA Engineer


QA Engineer

“I came across the Bytamic Academy program through my university teacher. The course contained, in a nutshell, what the work of a tester is all about and pointed out in which directions we can further educate ourselves. Everything took place in a relaxed and open atmosphere, there was a lot of space for questions and doubts, which in the end were always dispelled. I gained basic hard skills that allowed me to enter the IT industry smoothly. I recommend this program, it is a great start for anyone who wants to change their industry but does not yet have the appropriate competencies and does not know how to go about it.”

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